Palm Towline Review

The Quick Tow belt is part of a new range of towlines and belts by Palm, the Quick Belt range, however the Quick Tow Belt stands alone as a sea kayak specific towline.

Anglesey Sea Kayaking

Lord Nelson considered the Menai Straits the most treacherous waters in Britain; so treacherous, he trained his sailors here, reasoning if they could navigate here ...

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Kayak Surfing in Tarifa 

One sunny day, Simon Osboure and I found ourselves on the beach at Tarifa. There was a gentle offshore wind and a couple of foot of nice clean surf rolling in.


Safety Alert

Emergency call outs and the subsequent rescues of sea kayakers occur with reasonably frequency. In 2019, from January to June there were in excess of a dozen.

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Sea Kayak Award

To have an enjoyable day out on the sea, we need to make some key decisions to ensure we are in the right place at the right time. Key factors influencing our decision... 

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50 Best Beaches

Sea Kayaking Anglesey had a small article published in the Times newspaper about us. We are always happy to see nice publicity about sea kayaking, and Anglesey.

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Chile Symposium

I've just got back from Chile where I was at the Simposio de Kayak Pacífico Sur run by Pueblito Expediciones. It's the biggest sea kayaking event in South America. 

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How its made

We use the Palm range of gear and are very proud to work with such a great British brand. We feel it's really important to know where our kit comes from and how its made.

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Sulawesi Exped Video

In December 2015 Dave Kohn-Hollins and Philip Clegg went on a river kayaking trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia to explore and paddle the rivers that were rumored to be found there.

Video from Stora Korno

Stefan filmed and editied a video of our trip to Stora Korno, off the west coast of Sweden. We ran a course for instructors where we looked at rescue service rescues ...

The Swellies Wave

The Swellies Wave is on the Menai Strait between the A55 and A5 bridges. This whole section is called the Swellies and the wave is formed by the Swellies rock ...

Ergonomic Study of Sea Kayakers and their Equipment

by Philip Clegg



The aim of this study was to examine wether a correlation exists between anthropometric measurements of experienced sea kayakers and the dimensions of their equipment,