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2 day assessment: £210.00
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"This course examines the paddling, leadership and safety skills required to become a Moderate Water Sea Kayak Leader. It also involves the practical application of the Coastal Navigation course. This is all put into practice on journeys on the Anglesey coastline." 

Formerly the BCU Four Star Sea Kayak award:

Training: Anyone attending the Training is required to provide proof they hold the 3 Star Sea award and have attended the Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course (These are included in the 5 Day Training). Please email copies of these when you book. For more details on the training see the Sea Kayak Leader Syllabus

Assessment: Anyone attending a Moderate Water Sea Kayak Leader Assessment is required to have completed the BC Leadership Registration Process before booking on the course. Please email a copy your LR form to us when you book. For more details on the assessment see the Sea Kayak Leader Assessment Notes.